Letter from the Chairman of the Board

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg


Welcome to the fifth annual Sustainable Business Council Industry Achievement Awards!

The mission of the Sustainable Business Council is to help encourage and support sustainable businesses in Southern California and who aspired to minimize the negative ecological impact of their work.   Tonight’sthe awards are about recognizing companies and individuals who are doing some of the top work in the industry. The companies represented tonight prove that there is a large and growing market for products and services that are healthy, sustainable and more and more, even restorative.  We’re honored that we're able to share tonight's honorees — and that you’re here to recognize them-- on Earth Day, a day where people around the world demonstrate their commitment to the environmental.!

Tonight would not be possible without the tremendous efforts of many wonderful businesses, organizations and volunteers who worked tirelessly the many past months. On behalf of the SBC Board, I would like to thank you for your tremendous contributions.  

If you don’t know about the Sustainable Business Council and the work we do, we hope you’ll take a moment to learn about our programs and events either through SBC staff, volunteers or board members tonight or at our website, sustainablebc.org.

We want to thank you, too, for coming tonight and for your ongoing support. We do hope you enjoy the evening.  If you have feedback, we’d love to hear, so feel free to contact Molly Lavik, our Executive Director, or email me.

We hope you enjoy the event, find yourself inspired (and/or inspiring!), and that you remember: Every Day is Earth Day. 


Steve Glenn

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sustainable Business Council

CEO, Plant Prefab

Managing Director, LivingHomes



Letter from the Event Chair

Alisha Auringer.jpg

Hello Sustainable Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tonight marks the Sustainable Business Council's Sixth Annual Industry Achievement Awards, and I'm delighted to welcome all of our attendees, sponsors and honorees.  

The SBCAwards have grown steadily every year as have the businesses that participate. Because of this growth, this year marks the introduction of a new award, the Sustainable Big Business Award, for companies with over $10 million in revenue a year. It’s yet another example of the growing scope of the sustainable business industry in SoCal.    

The spotlight is shining bring on SoCal sustainable business leaders tonight who serve as stellar examples of sustainability in their daily business operations.

This year we have 4 honorees who I’m particularly excited to hear from during our awards event tonight. They are:

Van Jones

Founder and President

The Dream Corps

CNN Political Commentator


Kabira Stokes


Homeboy Recycling


Bob Goldberg

CEO & Founder

Follow Your Heart


And someone who I feel very honored and blessed to work with

Mike Sullivan




Thank you for your support of the SBC and please enjoy the show!

Alisha Aurigner

Manager of the Environment